What’s Causing “Insufficient Privilege” Error When Creating a New Record Type?

There’s tons of possible reason – even if you are a System Administrator. You’d initially think that having a system administrator profile gives you all the power to do great things (and destructive things, too) inside your Salesforce org, well you are WRONG.

There are things that would somehow disallow you to do things, like creating a new Record Type (RT). However, note that all profiles were NOT created equal – thus they won’t have the same level of access to objects and Page Layout definitions. Thus, this difference in settings and/or permissions will stop you from associating your new RT to page layouts – and eventually creating it.

So when you create a new RT, you’d basically do the following steps:

  1. Choose the parent sObject (it’s OK here)
  2. Create new and choose a template from any existing RTs (it’s OK here, too)
  3. Give your new RT an identity, e.g., Label, Name, and Description (it’s OK here, too)
  4. Activate your new RT (it’s OK here, too)
  5. Enable any or ALL profiles that you’d think would need access to the new RT (and optionally make it the default)  (it’s OK here, too)
  6. Select and apply any of page layout that you’d want the new RT to use to display the data to profiles (this may require any combinations to reproduce the error) (it’s looks OK here, though)
  7. Click Save – and BOOM! – error on the page says “Insufficient Privileges…”

So you’d start scratching your head, pull some (head) hair, talk to yourself and ask – “What is wrong this time?” or “Hang on, I’m a super-duper admin of this org, why wouldn’t this thing like it?”.

You’d notice that your RT hasn’t been created at all – and that you’d have to go back and do it again – and you’ll end up with the same error. You can keep going-on – but you’ll never get to the end of it.

The Quick Solution

Simple – quick solution to this dilemma is to create your new RT without choosing any profile/s to begin with. This will allow you to save the new RT. Once you’ve defined it, then you can always go back to retrofitting all necessary settings or permission (including page layout assignments, etc.). Even if you encounter some issues down the track, you’ll easily catch the underlying reasons for failing to assign any privilege-related permissions much clearly than ever.

I’d like to know your feedback if you encounter the same issue on your instance.



What’s Causing “Insufficient Privilege” Error When Creating a New Record Type?

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